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Field Art is an immersive exploration in art presentation, emphasizing collaboration and accessibility, free from the formality of walls.  The goal is to create a dialogue between a diverse community of artists, ranging from students through professionals, developing work of all media in an open air gallery. Pieces are encouraged (though not required) to be immersive, inclusive, and in response to the tree farm, and will be presented as such.  All forms and presentations of art accepted.

The Open Air Gallery will take place outdoors on a 660' x 1500' Christmas tree farm in rural Michigan located within 30 minutes of Detroit.  Because Michigan weather is unpredictable, artists should either create work that can brave the elements or create a solution to protect their pieces.  See photos below of the venue.

Artists are encouraged to attend the gallery.  In the case that an artist cannot attend, artwork can be mailed with instructions on how to present their work within the gallery.  As is the case with most public art spaces, we ask that pieces respect the natural landscape and that we "leave no trace".

This exploration goes beyond the two day gallery.  Our hope is that the event will garner a longstanding network of inspiring and interesting artists from all walks of life.

If interested, please contact

Deadline to apply: February 18th


An Exploration in Creating Community


  Addison Oaks Tree Farm,   

  355 Lake George Rd

  Oakland, MI 48363    


  Set up: March 26-30      

  Completed Gallery: March 31, April 1   

  Tear Down: April 2

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